LLVM remote index service

A clangd remote index server for the LLVM project is currently available.

To use it, you’ll need clangd with remote-index support. Set the server address to clangd-index.llvm.org:5900, and the project root to your llvm-project directory. One way of doing it would be putting this under ~/.config/clangd/config.yaml:

  PathMatch: /path/to/llvm/.*
    Server: clangd-index.llvm.org:5900
    MountPoint: /path/to/llvm/

For more details on remote index configuration, see remote index.


The service is provided to make development of LLVM on less powerful machines easier and make the development process more accessible. The whole service implementation, including infrastructure, is open source and publicly available:

The service is hosted on GCP by clangd team, with sponsorship of Google.

The whole llvm-project codebase is indexed daily (main branch, -DLLVM_ENABLE_PROJECTS="all"). Index snapshots are published as clangd/llvm-remote-index releases and the index server periodically fetches the newest data.

Privacy and security notice

This index service is offered for free to all developers, and is mostly useful to people working on the open-source LLVM project. The service is run on a best-effort basis. Google donated the funding for Google Cloud Platform instance that is used, but it is a public instance running and serving unmodified LLVM code.

The requests clangd sends to server contain information about the code such as the file path you are editing, partial token before the cursor and other index signals. Request details: Index.proto and Service.proto This data is needed to provide index results, is discarded after serving the request, and is not stored.

Basic anonymous request information is logged to observe service level: